Hermeneutics is the newest science about most ancient knowledge of humankind. It is like speaking about a UFO found at the Troy excavation.

Most of all, in our times, Herman Hesse depicted it in his “The Glass Bead Game”. In general, including all the science and the arts, it represents their arrival point and, at the same time, their spinal column. The relationship between hermeneutics and arts is the relationship between myth and reality, between archetypes and types. Shakespeare speaking about theatre in “Hamlet”, and Stanislavskij speaking about the super task in his “System”, were actually speaking about theater hermeneutics. Setting philosophy more highly than any other knowledge, Socrates arrived to the hermeneutics of philosophy; the Gospel statement “He who has ears to hear, let him hear” is a coded method of hermeneutics; the main principles of quantum physics are the same as the main principles of hermeneutics.

Despite its apparent wideness, this science is very precise; not influenced by relativism, as the hermeneutics of relativism doesn’t leave any trace of it. In simple words hermeneutics reveals the aim of things, in less simple words it is the crossing of the categories of the meaning areas; and by more complex words, it is the spiritual analysis of the structure and of the composition of styles.

Despite the apparent complexity, this science is approachable and recommended to everyone: to those who haven't chosen their profession yet, and to those who would like to reach the core of their activity. It can be hermeneutics of music, hermeneutics of painting, of theatre, of cinema, of gesture, of physics, of mathematics, hermeneutics of philosophy, of religion, of family, of politics, and so on. Hermeneutics itself doesn’t dominate, but reveals the potential of your artistic activity, of your aware presence, or to be more precise, it amplifies the presence of awareness.

The school’s methodology depends only on your psychophysical and spiritual apparatus. It means you are the method and the school your playing field, as in “mirror of Hamlet”, “Plato dialogue” and “Game of Hesse”. Theatre modelling and active hermeneutics method (practice of theory and theory of practice) are used. Generally, speaking about method concerning hermeneutics is not really correct as hermeneutics itself proves to be the method.


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Academy auditions are a mix between a casting call and a meeting. These will be held throughout the year and can last from 5 to 9 days depending on the number of attendees. Participants from all countries and nationalities are welcomed to work either in the international groups (knowledge of English is compulsory) or in the monolingual ones (if they occur).

You don’t need any specific preparation for the casting-meeting: you will be given a task at your arrival at the Academy. In order to access this second step of selection and be called to the meeting you must fill in all the sections of the forms on the web site and then submit them.The accommodation during casting is located at the Academy fitting personal requirements: € 60 per day per person in double, triple and quadruple rooms; €150 in single rooms.

Courses will last two years with an optional third year for specialisation. Every student will receive a $4500 fellowship per semester with 4/ 6 weeks course and accommodation included. There will be three to five months breaks between sessions, necessary for homework and personal reflections on what was learnt. The students wouldn’t be able to sustain a more intense schedule. For a similar reason, the Academy is located on a small island, with the two necessary conditions for this type of work: Silence and Beauty. The courses will be taught by Professors of the Academy, and visiting lecturers chosen according to students' specialities. Both the organization and the admission to the Academy follow a principle of live and creative development. The program will be defined according to the character and potential of the group, in contrast with classical universities with their fixed schemes of  admission and teaching.

The selection process is open to whoever takes life seriously.