What are the financial resources of the Academy and where do they come from?

The Academy works thanks to the financial support of the Foundation “Fondazione Universal Academy of Hermeneutics ONLUS” and the support of the City of Naples and the City of Sant’Antioco.

Who are the pedagogues of the teaching staff?

The Academy focuses on the universal and alive nature of the teaching process.  Professors from worldwide universities are invited according to the specific character of each group of students. It would be impossible to provide an exhaustive list. Director of the Academy: Anton Michailovic Milenin.


What are the principles of the Academy educational and learning process?

A lot of information about this topic is already in the website, and only during the casting/interview you will have the possibility to know more about it. In fact, the shortlisting and teaching criteria are based on real/live interaction, on the exchanges among individuals and groups, and it would therefore be inaccurate and reducing to put them into written words.

Why doesn’t the Academyaward a diploma?

The Academy does not give a State Diploma not because of a low level of teaching, but rather because of the deep level of research around a unique object of study, observed from different points of view. The boundaries of the traditional academic system make it almost impossible for a student to concentrate on hermeneutics itself, without drifting apart from its center.

Refusing the State Diploma, the Academy guarantees the possibility of a serious and qualified knowledge. An attendance certificate will be provided at the end of courses.


What kind of specialization does the Academy provide, and in which fields of knowledge?

Students specialize in the field of Hermeneutics. From juridical to philosophical hermeneutics, to hermeneutics of art and cultures, in their general aspects and in their specificexpressions.